Divine Awareness

Closer is he to you than your breathe,

Nearer to you than jugular vein beneath

Beyond your thoughts he permanently resides,

Within pores and scores of thoughts he abides.


Knowing him isn’t a task so tough,

If you don’t insist on being so rough

He sits not high above the vast sky,

He rests not down below the earth

Nor in the lands so far away imagined,

He lives within you awaiting your Self, realized.


Awaken, arise, and sharpen skills thine,

For He permeates your skin and spine

Engrossed in the world of materialistic creed,

Thy life overwhelmed with possessive lust and greed.

Engaged in looting and shooting in a manner shrewd,

In this unrealized life man you earn livelihood.


Shed the dark veil of ignorance attached to life,

Give way to beauty of enlightenment away from strife

A revolution of thoughts that turns you anew,

Akin century old darkness lit up by the candle few

The dark cave of your body and mind transformed,

By being with the learned and getting reformed.


Love resides not with selfish ego and pride,

Regain your wisdom, seek company of the wise

Swords two rest not ever in a single sheath,

And so hatred jealousy live not with love and peace

Discard selfishness and adorn selflessness,

Discard bitterness and adorn mere sweetness

Then the darkness of mind like a ruined palace,

Converts to a beautiful temple of Love balance.


By seeking Him life gets enriched,

For God is Love and God is pure

Claiming no credits for his mastery,

God teaches us to practice humility

Permeating each cell and all senses,

He gives us thinking and thought basics.


Remaining discreet and not claiming it all,

That Godly quality of unconditional love to all

He stays formless giving shapes and forms to all,

Never forgetting us nor forsaking memory of all.

He provides comfort and solace when miseries befall,

Nurturing us in harsh times uplifting us when we fall


His divine aspect goes missing from the living affair,

When cruelty, anger and fear contaminate atmosphere

His divine values, spiritual awareness bring Heaven on earth,

Enthusing each one  with an atmosphere of sweet fragrance.









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