Appetites subtle and oft times attacking man,

In moments of weakness when he feels low

Falling prey to victimizing appetites bellow,

When he is least aware and going apace slow.


Appetites animalistic of greedy category,

Attack men leading them to go astray

Indulgence and entanglements suffice,

Laying silent traps in satiating disguise


Appetites egoistic forming human fates,

Layering a desire for self-justification traits

Utterance of words unpleasant, hurtful,

Tinged with malice and pride revengeful


Appetites euphemistic getting insensitive,

Attacking man by fits of anger, frustrative

The temptation to reign supreme and slay,

Killing all obstruction coming his way


Appetites disturbing mental ease and peace,

Emotional bonds causing disease and unrelease

Possession rights and fortune prides granted,

Leading mankind unfulfilled and disenchanted


Appetites blaring loud in blind ritualistic,

Disillusioned mightiness Oh! So pathetic

Leading many unevolved going dogmatic,

This human quality seeming very unrealistic


Appetites of growth and simple yearning,

Uplifting the self by a new wave learning

Powered by speech gaining confidence,

Equality search for each other’s acceptance


Appetites reformist for the economies,

Turning men into mutual bon homies

Frightful agitation to be the rightful,

Making amends to be more fruitful


Appetites of the daring and caring kind,

Stepping forward to rescue from the grind

Elevating affinity, diminishing poverty,

Chores done by heart without any publicity


Appetites spiritualistic in the very approach,

Tendered beliefs, rising pure, pious encroach

Endeavor saving the endangered to enlarge

Enlighten the pathway for masses at large



In The Media:


published in The Asian Weekly : Edition 340 (Feb 24th – 02nd March 2017)









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