A Religion so New!


If music be the religion,
A religion so very new!
Comprising of Orchestra,
Co existence of old and new.
The jazz alongside the classical,
The Sitar in symphony with the tuba.
And the piano with the flute elates,
The sound of the trumpet blares notes.
Hidden pleasure to the soul thus dotes,
The religion of the melodious bonding.

If sports be the religion,
A religion so very new!
Practiced on air, earth or water,
For action turning the body to renew.
The swimming strokes whence compliment ,
The stroke of the cricket bat or the pool.
Or through a glider’s excitement,
A discipline of sport is understood .
Unrivaled by each other at games & events,
The religion of sport creates confidence.

If nature be the religion,
A religion so very new!
The valleys low lying down below,
Kissing footsteps of huge mounts few.
Granting unhindered waterfalls,
And rivers amidst greens passing through.
Permeated life in bees and birds and
The life forms ever appearing new.
Habitats for all life forms merging,
To please them, me and you.
The deserts, the tropicals and dunes,
Merging with sunshine and the dew.
The Religion of Nature brings freshness.

If service be the religion,
A religion so very new!
The shade of the calming Oak,
And fruits and foods that ever grew.
The quenching thirsty throats amid,
The various waters green and blue.
The feathery winged wonders of sizes,
Living with trees and loving them.
The clouds that form to disperse upon,
And cool the earth for seeds to grow.
The earthworm silently matures the soil,
The religion of service shall never spoil.

If Gratitude be the religion,
A religion so very new!
Thankfulness beaming at each step,
For life and living, for death and dying.
For limbs and wings, for heart to beat,
Appreciation for forms that growl and tweet.
The chirping bird, the hearken brook,
The trees and trains, the planes and cranes.
The learning and teaching in symphony,
All admired senses of thought and feel.
The slithery serpents and slimy snails,
The Religion of Gratitude leaves love trails.

If Respect be the religion,
A religion so very new!
The creatures around big and small,
Equally measured may mercies befall.
The Mother of all – our dear Earth,
Not ridiculed, but treasured in a valuable way.
No Hindus, no Muslims, no Christians there,
The world is One with a unique Oneness.
Shedding the old stale religious mind,
And bridging barriers of the colour kind.
Breaking walls of differences and comparisons,
The Religion of Respect shall fill the gaps.


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Poem of the month : December 2016 (edition 328, December 02 – 09, 2016)


2 thoughts on “A Religion so New!

  1. Indeed Monica the religion
    Is the symphony of voices in union
    In Uni-verse we lend pucussion
    All rise up in bastion
    We lend our very song to thee

    Our feet run in rhythm
    Heart and body in gym
    Bird song is hymn
    Sunshine is him
    We lend our body to thee

    In gratitude we prostrate
    Many lives reincarnate
    No cast no creed in Karma
    For life alone is Dharma
    We give our life to thee

    This hologram life flower
    Emanates from your power
    As you protect in bower
    From all outside shower
    This kingdom is thine


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