TAGS REiki Camps by LHSG (A healer’s dairy)

Once again a commemoration,
LHSG’s Anniversary celebration.
A multiple of Reiki camps 1 & 2,
At the girls’ shelter on 19th October .
The young ladies were unsure,

What lay for them in store.
Their lives had been through suffering ,
But now they were safe and felt secure,
Learning the gift of self healing,
For the betterment that they were craving.
Their innocent looks humbled us all,
Their silence spoke quite a lot.
Quick to learn, they turned to heal,
With the hands of reiki with a zeal.

Then there were others who knew reiki,
And progressed towards an enhancement,
A higher level of the healing advancement.
With the newly acquired symbols three,
They are now on a big healing spree.
Noting down some light & some intense requests,
Their Reiki Boxes aimed at wishes of fulfillment.
Humbled were sevaks of LHSG Nairobi,
As the little and growing ladies of TAGS,
Gulped down the toasted sandwiches,
Along with flatbreads and cups of milk,
And continued their practice of being healers.
That which becomes the anguish and injury peeler,
Sending thought healing to find their lost mothers,
Aiming their Reiki to continue school and find donors.
Excitement enthused the atmosphere,
When they received the friendly gesture,
Of getting gifts that LHSG brought for them.
Smiles broadened at peeping into packets,
Of stationery, sweets , combs & Vaseline ,
The day appeared to be that of Valentine.
The eyes had a bright twinkle in them,
At being gifted slippers and panties,
That brought some dignity and respect to them.


In The Media:

Published in The Asian Weekly – edition 323 ( 28th October-3rd November)http://www.theasianweekly.net/web/


Published on the LHSG website:

LHSG Kenya 11th Anniversary Seva No. 5

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