When times ran tough
And I was shunned
You entered life
Like a fragrant flower
Uplifted me and beckoned me
My friend you gave myself
Back to me.

In the darkest nights
When lights went out
You crossed the street to be with me
You held my hand and supported me
My friend you paved the way
And rescued me.

When misunderstood was I
By one and all
And loneliness ran me dry
Together for hours did we cry
You braved the norms
And made me smile
My friend you lit the torch
And brought some hope to me.

When failures and success
Captured me
And I got caught up in fallacy
You fought, shouted, but never left
And observed my traits
My friend you brought my sanity
Back to the selfish me.

When family pressures burdened me
And life filled in monotony
Crushed by work and earnings
I lost my charming
My friend you cheered me up
And brought a zest to me.

When crumpled I fell to the ground
Like a withered plant in a storm
I failed and suffered in agony
And lived life like fake ceremony
My friend you watered my ambitions
And brought a bloom back in me.


Published in The Asian Weekly issues # 311


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