Lack of Love

Impatience is densely heavy in the air,
Injustice climbs the ugly unstable stair.
Grumpy, angry looks gazing everywhere
Love appears to be hiding dodged somewhere.

It is lost amongst tall religious claims,
And several so called sectarian tribal names,
Of castes and creed and hoarding greed,
That’s come to define the inhuman human breed.

Intolerance soars to unknown heights,
Creating havoc with insecurity and frights.
Be it Kashmir, Karachi or our own Kisumu,
Be it Somalia, Sudan, Syria or the land of Zulu.

The scare comes like a monstrous nosing snare,
Tightening it’s grip on young and old without spare.
Munich, Mumbai, Malawi, and Murang’a in mourning,
No street, school, mall or hotel without groaning.

The shrines of sacred too under attack,
Though every now and then Love springs back.
The mosques, the churches and temples all,
Succumb to tragedy of terror that doth befall.

The Pulse went silent in beautiful Orlando,
The Gunman died in a deadly diminuendo.
Shooting those who wished for some fun,
And unfortunately fell prey to the gun.

The youthful hope of future of the country,
In Bangladesh killed several lives untimely.
The axe attack on the train in Germany,
By the youth who refused life of harmony.

The city of Nice with not so nice a scene,
When madness and frenzy reigned supreme.
Killing and injuring several who celebrated,
Their outing on Bastille Day turned ill fated.

Turkey too captured by crime and grime,
Spreads fear from bombings time to time.
The law-keepers fell as lives were ended,
In Dallas the racist values demonstrated.

Garissa, Mandera , Lamu, Nairobi or Kilifi,
The Kenyan soil in pain is burdened heavily.
With emotions of pride now deprived,
To anger, hatred and terror that radicalized.

The smoking crèche of arsonous dormitories,
That were meant to be the safe sanctuaries.
For those who made home away from home,
To learn the lessons that tutors doth shown.

The Koffi Kick puts some men to the shame,
While others wallow over clerics sex games.
Rape, abuse, incest come with a heavy cost,
When the victims lay feebler to virtues lost.

Japan shook up to the merciless attack so ugly,
As disabled further maimed by the knife wickedly.
The morning mass disrupted in a church vaguely,
In Normandy the throat sliced of hostage priestly.

The lack of love in human hearts cries out,
Calling for mercy and love screaming aloud.
The missing brotherhood is on the lookout,
The Oneness of Love must now spring sprout.


published in The Asian Weekly in the issue #311





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