He walked into my life
And said, I am here for you
And stayed true to his words
Always there in joy and pain
Without expecting any gain
My friend he is forever long

She understands me like no other
To her my moods swings are no bother
Closer to me than a sister or brother
Unsaid she hears my silent voice
Unshed she wipes tears of my heart
My friend she is oh so smart

In gratitude for such precious gems
I accept my friendships with delight
For they see no age, faith or race
Be they of black, brown or fair face
Friends shine bright in each ones life
Like twinkling stars in a dark night

Friends are the bright rays of hope
When in despair one cannot cope
In times tough when one feels like crying
They make you smile with efforts trying
To be understood and understanding
Friendship is that gift of daring caring.

The secrets of your hidden feelings
The thoughts that develop with shavings
All intact and extremely safe remain
With friends around in your domain
Conversing in detail or in utter silence
With friends there’s freedom, no pretense.

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