Life lost a bit too soon,

To the cruelty of the goon.

Sadist intent satisfied,

Grief quotient intensified.

The night that was to be fun,

Fell untimely victim to the gun.

Snatched away promising youth,

To the merciless and uncouth.

Pleasures gained by ending lives,

Terror in Orlando abstractly strikes.

It is so sad, it is very grim,

Pain is topped up to the brim.

sorrow heaves a tired sigh,

Have mercy it looks up to the sky.

Promising futures you destroy,

O terror do you never feel shy?

The Pulse lay in a bloodied pool,

Bodies piled like books in school.

The last intent of those who died,

was it hateful fear as they cried?

Moments of salvage and prayer,

On the minds of the injured there.

The evil intent he wickedly intensified,

by killing them when texting they tried.

The merciless brute himself too died,

In shameful regret his parents too cried.

God only knows who could be satisfied,

By victimized frenzied deadly fright.

The dancing to the gay melodic tunes,

Ended in a dance of the silence tunes.

The bravery and presence of mind ,

Saved some souls with an act so kind.

When death gaped in their faces bare,

The Almighty came to take their care.

Some fortunate, some not so lucky,

This misery can be Oh! So tricky.







One thought on “LOSS

  1. Monica this empathetic emotion is a gift. As more people question the unforgiving action led by the gun in hand, then together,with our gift, we can allow a higher paradigm to unfold.
    For behind the gun lies fear. The media currently wants us to be driven by fear.
    We are saying NO. There is another way.
    That is the way of love. Sending out love, in every moment, gratitude too, we are creating a ripple effect in our universe. Thank,you for questioning our actions.

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