The Magical Fountain


The riot of colors so heavenly

The ups and downs engrossingly.

Raising hopes and culminating,

In the mesmerizing sprinkling.


The showers with hues so magical,

The fire within the cool attitudes,

The flames of water erupt beautifully,

The Soul strives for this magnanimity.


The Angels of mercy stay within,

And take a glimpse of thy shy pain.

They wash away all hurt and sin,

Encharming with the stupendity


Thy waters Oh! Montjüiç The Magical,

Touch layers of my craving soul.

They moisten all my dried up emotions

And returned my Childhood back to me.


I loved the way you spread high and wide,

As though you follow your heart’s tide.

Your majestic show Barcelona’s Pride,

Is nothing but filled with heavenly delight.


As you soar high to touch the sky,

You chase my dreams like a spy.

Your glorious spreading wings of flight,

Give stress relief and much respite.


The clouds of your misty spray,

Run imaginations go so astray.

You engulf so many emotions within,

Using colors and codes all red and green.




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