LHSG Valentine 2015 (A healer’s dairy)



By Monica Gokaldas


Valentine Day is approaching us soon and the atmosphere will be filled with Love and Romance.  What does Valentine Day mean to most of us – Love messages/ Roses/ Gifts/ A Romantic Dinner/A short holiday with a loved one…. Each person has his or her own idea of a celebration on this day. Whilst some will party it out, the others might just paint the town Red (by attire or by action).

The Energy Healers of the Lotus Healing Seva Group (LHSG) have since past six years been celebrating Valentine Day in a unique manner. Each year the LHSG conduct a 24 hour Prayer Chain towards various Global issues that need attention. . This year too they will be celebrating the Day of Love by Giving their Love to the World. The group members as well as many non Group members participate in this Prayer Chain.

They believe Valentine is a celebration of LOVE and Love gains strength when shared amongst the others.  Love cannot be limited to one person alone. Love in true essence becomes true love when extended towards the very environs we live in, the world we live in, the society we live in.

The World Is My Valentine: with this thought in mind, the prayer chain shall commence at 6am on the 14th of February and continue till 6am on the 15th of February. The participants join in the chain from various destinations across the world from the comfort of their homes. A list of positive intentions towards several Global causes such as Political unrest, Insecurity, Fears, Child labour, Women’s rights, Gender inequality, Anti Slavery, Right to Education, Climatic Changes, and Global Warming etc is shared with all the participants upon registering for the Chain. Each participant chooses a time span (e.g. 7.am till 8am or 5.15pm till 6.15 pm) as per their convenience. The members ensure that during the 24 hours there is no gap left with the timings, although at a given time multiple participants can add their prayers during the same time slot. The healers from various disciplines read the intentions and send out healing energy towards the causes during their respective time slot. The non healers read the intentions and dedicate their prayers for the causes during their time slot.

This novel method of celebration being the brain child of Kamal Tolia, the group Leader, has spread across continents and people from as far as Canada, Australia, Dubai, India, U.K. and several other destinations join this chain each year becoming a shining example of  oneness and love. The oneness is unique as participants are of various age categories, various faiths, various nationalities, various social denominations and their Love for the World is very special that they dedicate this ‘Day of Love’ to all that needs focus and loving vibes to bring in the reforms in our minds and in world situations.


This write up was published in The Asian Weekly Paperzine in the post valentine news (February 20th-26th 2015)

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