Cancer Strikes

Cancer strikes it’s mighty blow,

Thus shedding the beauty, charm & glow.

Unknown to many, it does grow,

Whence time nearing end, we come to know.

Why? They ask, why it chose me,

Bringing a gloom that stole my glee.

Chores innumerable undone all in spree,

Not yet, it isn’t my time to be set free.

Why act in haste Oh! Lord mine Divine,

I wish to spend an eon with those mine.

Allow my age to ripen like mature wine,

I promise, I’ll pray in earnest to thine.

The sunrises & sunsets many yet to see,

Wishing to spend some summer times by the sea.

Have some mercy, I plea, thou upon me,

My kids grow up and grand-kids I get to see.

The pretty little daughter one day to be a bride,

The young lad, my mustachioed son, my heart’s pride.

Don’t oh! don’t chop my life to let family divide,

For a family complete is, where all together reside.

At mercy of others, do not force me to live,

A freedom from cancer, is a boon you can give.

The aches and pains, therapies various of life,

Combined with chemo, radiation solace do give

Yet the cancer in the body drops my morales,

The head goes spinning, wavering in spirals

Like Phoenix feathers, forcefully shedding my mane,

Losing all luster, fading away in a sad vain.

Alas! My bosom beauty has given me a drain,

Leaving me to go lighter and causing me pain.

The prostate glands why grew in vain?

Oh! What is the purpose, what do they gain?

I question to thy Oh! Almighty lord merciful

To my surprise He answers back insightful

The pain, the agony my child is a phase

For you took yourself for granted in your space

You who took things and life for granted

And all the bountiful blessings enchanted

Now that you realize your own precious self

Learn all that I offer and remain positive

Turn the Cancer curse into a blessed elf

And it shall find its way out of your life

Have faith, the pain ultimately shall go

Making you wise, humble with the love glow

The cures too I leave after the suffering

My child for you, a better human to grow

And wake up now life awaits you

Practice Yoga, Give some Reiki Healing

Add some prayers and Dance to therapy

You are Love and Love is for you

Cancer is but a timely reminder of

The soul that is You, The Love that is You.


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