The Childhood in its chubby childish charms
Got lost somewhere in buzzword digital swarms
The electronic world gives us scary some alarms
Of the so called trending useful hazardous harms.

At the railway station, in the long bus queue
To the mobile phones & games acting like a glue
Are stuck all kids young without having any clue
Of having lost their innocence, Alas! it is true.

Rare sight it is sadly of the modern times
That merrily they sang along nursery rhymes
When running around barefoot were no crimes
And Climbing trees worked like some enzymes.

Kids travel not now with books and crayons
Toys stuffed no longer are proud hang-ons
The iPads, iPhones are the basic carry alongs
The toy train and scrabble becoming bygones.

The trend is crazy and the minds getting hazy
In digital life keeping mindful memory not easy
Skipping rope in lawn or counting marbles seems queasy
The childhood games are now very comfortable and lazy

Where disappeared children’s perky pranks
Playing hide and seek behind huge water tanks
Blowing bubbles of soap and speaking in slang
Making mischief and getting grandma’s spanks

The world was different, the dreams were simple
Those Hardy boys and Secret Sevens did tickle
Origami was a big craft, as tangy and zesty as pickle
That playing with sand and building castles so fickle.

Childhood now is a process so mechanical
Learning is a necessity of tricks so technical
Music is learnt just to showcase in a recital
Tuitions and classes have become a social status

Missing out on the colorful butterfly and bird wings
Rolling and rocking from one swing to next swing
No longer the running around to catch a cute li’l pigling
Not having any time for grandma tales or lullabies to sing

The PlayStation saga does now inspire them
The Starwars and FIFA never does tire them
The times have changed, the habits new gained
Clapping no longer to get wet when it rained.

The jigsaw puzzle is replaced by Bubble Burst
The building blocks are outdone by Candy Crush
The not so artistic do wonders with digital paintbrush
The parents so ignorant taught by them in a rush

This is but a one sided flip of an observation
The children are part of the world’s renovation
Where elders struggle and squiggle in hesitation
Their young ones geared smartly in preparation

These are the times to welcome a new generation
That is quite a mindful of logics and innovation
They travel light without toys of kiddy fascination
But powered with mighty minds in heavy validation

Training their parents to the newfound digitalization
The modern times have come through a gestation
These tech whizz kids under no mean suppression
Will bring about a future with smart acceleration

The medics are astounded by their bright escalation
Wondering if their DNA has some new pigmentation
What took us elders ages to grasp by memorization
Appears to be tasks to them as simple automization

The memory tricks of the older simpler generation
Slowly fading away to doodles and robotic floatation
The weight of heavy paperbacks reduced by kinder-ation
The headphones, speakers and Bluetoothed imagination



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