A month full of mixed emotions comes to me as August

Some celebrations, some happy occasions all a must

Tagged along behind a mask are many reminiscences

Of those who once taught me to live with senses

Memories of those gone by from my life sky

Haunt me as I move ahead  untamed and not so shy

A niece is born called Simran in pleasure

An aunt is gone, Parmeshwari in heavens

A nephew is born Chetan in all charm

An aunt is gone, Maheshwari in heavens

A Father is born, Ishwar be to me like God

A grandma is gone, Khemi at par with God

A visit to the Homeland of Hyderabad Sindh

Brings the news of Atmaram an Uncle away from Sindh

A wedding of a nephew Shyam, a moment to celebrate

The death of a Father  Kishinchand with grief and debate

Kishin left his beloved Radha in August

Yet in August I celebrate the birth of Krishna

The sacred threads of Raksha  Bandhan unite

Tied untied bonds by threads of might

The wed and unwed women unite to rock

Swing the cradle of the marital bliss up the clock

They fast, they pray, to the holy hymns they sway

With colored hands, and basil plants, merrily they sing away

The Valentine season of Hinduism is the Teej

Call it Karwa Chauth and delay the timing by a squeeze

The Worship of the snakes in real and unreal

Seeking blessings,offering milk is all but a deal

Relishing the cold, fermented day old meal

Happy are those to whom hot meals do appeal

The month of August in all it’s strange

Comes with variety and some change

A niece is born Vanshika my little angel

A nephew is born Shivansh in the cradle

Memories all gather old and new

recollections of just a few

On the pathway of my life

August Appears in all strife


Several things happen in our life, some sweet, some sad, some silent and some salty happenings. All these life events leave  a mark on the collar of our minds called memories. I have incidentally gained as much in the recurring month of August as I have lost in the form of my very dear ones. This poem is just a reflection of my emotional spring which flexes itself to extremes. Time being a big healer has somehow calmed me with each good and not so good experience and grief over the years has taken form of my pen to get a release.

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