She is just one example but there are many many more such women like her who face this suffocated life style in the Asian society and we label it as the year to #EmbraceEquity and #DigitALL progression. Read on for this chapter of Meera's story for more about her feelings.

Attached Detachment!

Meera whilst living a family life strives for a hermitage for her soul and learns to alter her way of living in various life changing stages. Read on about her spiritual attachment that jumps in to gift her a sort of liberation. Can she survive this detachment being attached?

Shame and guilt

We often complain about rape and abuse in the society but we forget to give a voice to our daughters and sisters. Incest is a major crime going on through ages thanks to the sick mentality that makes some men feel manly enough at committing these crimes. We have failed to inculcate the moral and ethic values in our boys and over instilled the same in our girls. We cannot blame anyone but ourselves for remaining mute, deaf and blind. 


. Meera and her Guru: Meera had aspired to be a great artist and rightfully so, she did gain the status of being one. The journey which began as a music enthusiast converted her from a listener to a learner moving ahead to become a music teacher and now a composer. Deepshikha Roy not only … Continue reading STIGMA