Partition Tales!

It was a long struggle passing through the roughly dug, dark and dreary tunnel with hungry and fearful children being told not to cry or they might be caught. The babies and toddlers mouths were tied up by scarves so they don't cry out innocently. They weren't sure if they would finally make it to the other end and a thought even came across Ganga's mind ,"What if the news about the tunnel was false and they land up in the same country". She was worried as she had given away the only coin she was left with and had six children to feed till her husband could reach them. Read on for the complete story......


The Hindu Sindhis celebrate Cheti Chand as their New year. Since the partition of India only a fraction of Sindhis remained in Sindh territory which came under Pakistan. Thousands of Sindhi families that were forced to abandon their abode during the partition of the country migrated to India and various other parts of the world. Since there is no state that belongs to this growing community, they are recognized as world citizens and have adapted themselves to respective cultures and continents. The uniting factor is their culture that marks Cheti Chand as their day of identity.