Gurudev Aradhana Day

Swami Chinmayananda the founder of The Chinmaya Mission got liberated from his physical form on this day. A tribute to the magnanimous personality.


A hundred years

The revered saint Dada Jashan passed away just a few days away from his hundredth birthday on 2ND August 2018.

We Shall miss from now on!

That beauteous face in pleasure and pain Has left many orphaned and departed The Almighty gave him all but a hundred years of service in this world that needed awareness of righting the wrongs that Humanity committed  And now HE rests in the lap of Heavenly Father HE who didn't forsake us all HE who was known as Dada J.P. Vaswani A tribute that cannot be justified in words For HE was the ONE unique being of God Who never claimed Himself to be God.


Hindu Almanac is widely based on the Lunar cycle but varies somewhat at the regional level. However various phases of the moon bring in different depictions of spiritual practices following a astrological charts. This poem is a small effort at showing how much the Hindu religion rely's on the Lunar pattern.