The Silent Sevaks

It is believed charity can be done at any time, at any place, at any limit. At LHSG charity is done of time of individuals that dedicate their precious moments to heal the hurting hearts of many near them and not so near them - across the borders, across the continents - with their unconditional love. Read on how do they do this selfless service towards the society....

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The Late reverend Hindu Saint Dada J.P. Vaswani hugely emphasized to people to always remain true to their mother tongue and religion. He taught that if a person had not understood his own religion and got attracted to another then that person is not capable of following the other religion as well.


सो गई इंसानियत, दिन में रात हो गई  बेदर्दी की आज एक नई दास्तान हो गई खिन्न हुआ मन, हरकतों से बू आने लगी  घिनौनी शरारत एक, किसी की जान ले गई  जाग उठी हैवानियत, इब्तिदा अब हो गई  क्रूरता इतनी की, जी मिचलाने की हालत हो गई  दूजे को कहते हैं जानवर, पशुत्व प्रकीर्ति हो गई  तुमसे भले तो पशु, दुख … Continue reading ईंसानियत