But Who Cared?

They dressed and behaved in dignity Riches or poverty didn’t mar their ingenuity Those people who lived with simplicity Riding a bike or going by foot They cared not what the world would think Playing with marbles, spinning tops and Ludo So many didn’t feel the need to learn karate or Judo

ये शरीर!

ये शरीर भी क्या शरीर ये शरीर भी कैसा शरीर कभी बना दर्द की दुकान कभी बनता दवा की दुकान इस के क्या गुण, क्या अवगुण कभी बनता सम्मान का मकान भुलेखे में डाल ह्रदय को ये बन जाता अहंकार का सामान छिड़ जाता सह मान अपमान इसको भाता खुद अपना गुणगान ये शरीर भी क्या शरीर ये शरीर भी कैसा शरीर सिकीलधी


मॉं बाप का वियोग कम्बख़्त चीज़ ही ऐसी है, जग भर के रिश्ते हों चाहे जीवन में.... न कोई पिता सम्मान, न कोई मॉं जैसी है कभी शायद वो भी रोए होंगे इस वियोग वश आज हमारी बारी है, बिछड़ना लगता भारी है क्या कल की पीढ़ी भी सहेगी यह सब? कौन जाने यह वियोग किस किस पर भारी है सिकीलधी

Choose to Challenge

The International Women's Day 2021 is being marked by #choosetochallenge campaign globally. Women must become the focus of the world and get their deserving rights to dignity, respect and fair means of life. This poem is in honor of all women - those who inspire us and those who must get inspired.

Sindhi’s from Kenya in long distance celebration

The Heart of a Sindhi reaches out far and wide and when the hearts of all members of a society reach out to others they can help bring a transformation.

Sindhu Sadora

Sindhi Welfare Society’s long distance Makar Sankranti celebration

By Sikiladi

The Sindhi Welfare Society true to its name celebrated the Makar Sankranti/Uttran festival via a welfare activity crossing over the continent. The members unitedly maintaining social distancing and observing the Pandemic Protocols decided to make the festival brighter for those with meagre means for this Hindu harvest festival. The recipients were the Hindu refugees that have seeked a safe home in India having migrated from Pakistan.

The Welfare Society had few months ago also sponsored water hand pumps, footwear and socks, plastic canopies for roof tops besides doing a “Gau daan”(donation of a cow and a calf) at the same refugee camp during the Hindu Month Purshottam/ Adhik Maas. The Society expressed gratitude to the members Laveena Keswani, Monica Gokaldas and Kamal Tolia for conceptualizing and ensuring the smooth operation of this project with the efficient assistance of Mr. Lokesh…

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