A prisoner in my cage!

A prisoner 

A prisoner in my own cage

From one day to another 

From morning to evening 

From night to day break 

Captured in my own surroundings 

It may seem I chose this life

But I am a result of choice of others

They are free to move around

Without an inkling of my thoughts 

There jobs are important 

Or, so I am told

Yet, I hold the very important chore

Of caring for them and keeping them 

Suffocating in my own abode

I breathe the air of captivity 

Within the walls and windows 

Having lost contact with my own 

Because I have cared for my own 

I choke at the forced outings

Of mundane morose makings

Purchasing groceries and greens

Yet answerable for each outing 

Left with no friends and family to fall upon

I struggle, I snuggle under my dreams

The dreams that find no day break 

And they die a silent death each day 

Fun and joy is meant only for them

For it is I who gifted it to them 

What a fool I have been 

I spoke not for myself ever

Yet, stood up for their rights and comforts 

To feel discarded when the going gets gross

And having lost my prime years to them 

I am left to fend for my emptiness 

I nurture the loneliness gifted to me

Within my walls and windows

I may never know their plans and movements 

Yet, they must control my life buttons 

And be informed of my each step

Unbeknownst to them are my desires

And the ambitions that get crushed each time 

Back then, I was creative and artistic 

My ways spelled of finesse and charm

And now I sit back and loathe over

I care not for appearances mine or thine

It doesn’t matter anymore 

For they notice not the hurts they hurl

They bruise my soul, they kill my crafts

They take credit in all goods of life

And I sit back, unable to even cry

Left with some silent sigh like a spy

Digging holes within my mind….

Of boredom and ennui 

A prisoner in my own cage

Built of unseen and unspoken abuse

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