Reiki : What and Why about it.

Interview with Sound Asia Radio Station

Kamal Tolia and Monica Gokaldas went on air with Sound Asia and Abhijeet Gupta to talk about Reiki and energy healing, answer questions from listeners calling in and promote the Free Reiki level 1 workshop run by the Lotus Healing Seva Group

Link to the interview can be found the link given.

(March 2006)


Free Reiki Level 1 Workshop

We conducted a FREE Reiki Level 1 workshop. 123 people signed up and were attuned to the beautiful Energy of Reiki, completely FREE of charge. The participants made donations of maizemeal and sugar which was donated to the poor. The purpose of the event was ‘to bring Reiki into the lives of people’ so that they could better look after their health at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels?

(October 2006)

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