Reiki @ Hindu Council of Kenya (A Healer’s diary)

Revisiting the memories from 2016. Some designations have changed since and some of the people we met there have passed away now.

The date 11th September brings to mind the terrorist attack over 15 years ago in New York City. The LHSG has altered the sad memories with pleasant ones by holding a free for all Reiki Morning at the HCK, Nairobi on the same date this year.This was the first event of the series of events to be conducted in celebration of 11 years of the existence of the group. Incidentally 11 years ago 9 initiates of Kamal Tolia joined hands with her to commence the group.

It was a slightly cold Sunday morning as members starting pouring in at the venue for healing as early as 8am. With some initial set up in the main hall the group was met with a few officials of the Hindu Council of Kenya Committee as well as the Chairman Mr. Nitin MaldeThe Chief Guest Mr. R.K.D. Shah who is a trustee of HCK since nearly eight years inaugurated the Free Reiki For All event by lighting the lamp and cutting the ribbon. He was then formally introduced by Mr. Nitin Malde and told about LHSG activities by Kamal Tolia who presented him with her book titled Soul Reflections.

Mr. Shah and Mr. Malde became our first healees and thoroughly enjoyed the hands on healing experience. We began healing and by 1.30 pm we had given healing to 62 people, mainly consisting of the elderly. The registrations were very efficiently handled by the members of Religious and Cultural Department of HCK under the leadership of Mrs. Sujata Kotamraju. Some people had registered in advance as per their preferred time slots for the sessions.

It was amazing to see how smoothly the LHSG members were assisting each other in healing. The HCK members Sujata Kotamraju, Kalpana Kumar, Kamla Fatania, Rekha Kochhar, Kumar Seth, Shweta Bhalla, Vijay Palabandla, Aruna Karey and Divya also experienced the Reiki Healing. We had some free time for about 15-20 minutes during which we sat in a circle of love and did some collective group healing for the LHSG members.

It was very heartening to see people feel so relaxed with the healing they had received. Some of them simply decided to sit down and grasp in the energies after the treatment. Some felt a motherly touch, some felt very loved and special with 3-4 healers placing hands on them, some felt uplifted while some were exhilarated. A large number of people expressed their desire for learning Reiki. Some of them wrote down their healing requests as well.

On the whole it was a very fulfilling and busy morning as we had a mixed crowd of people representing various member institutions registered under the Hindu Council of Kenya.

Monica Gokaldas
Founder member, The Lotus Healing Seva Group

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 317, (16th -22nd September 2016) for more information.

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