His Soulitude!

Nanalal Sheth

He loves his solitude !

Yet, he’s not a loner !

He searches his soul

Through a deafening silence 

Turning life into a Soulitude 

An observer of relationships 

A keen inspector of friendships 

He balances his act wisely 

Wading through lonely days

He has his books as reminders

Of the days of yore from memory 

He inspired many and still does so

He loves his solitude !

Yet, he’s not a loner !

He reflects upon the years gone by

Meditates upon the lessons learnt

Revelations of his Soulitude 

Maintaining conversations and communication 

Indulging in his own self respect 

Allowing no intrusion to his privacy 

He commands all the respect 

He lives never a day in fantasy 

Accepting truths bitter or pleasant 

Moving with the flow of things

Having fought against the times

Striding high on the trait of modesty

Adorned by the crown of honesty 

He fears none !

He scares none !

Creating an awesomeness 

With a loving fondness 

He attracts the tender hearts

Gathering a basket of goodnesses 

From his own garden of nobility 

Having achieved his Soulitude 

4 thoughts on “His Soulitude!

  1. A comment sent by Shariffa Keshavjee:

    Seth Nanalal Seth
    To me is the epitome of warm solitude
    His solitude that polishes him from within
    His wisdom shines from his eyes
    He leans forward to welcome

    Inspiring many who have crossed his path
    Be it an up coming lawyer, a friend
    So warm to his family a pivot for gathering
    Such values that go down the line

    Tracing the seeds and roots of allegiance
    To his country, his profession and family
    He deserves the stamp he has of respect
    Love and gratitude that we owe him

    Thank you Seth Nanalal Seth
    Your wisdom welcomed
    Your presence valued, your example
    A reminder of values, no amnesia there!!


  2. A comment sent by Vijay Nawani:

    Old age is mandatory and is clearly defined by Creator.
    Whomsoever has made an entrance has to exit !
    And whilst this journey has to be undertaken we all have to proceed forward with empathy, kindness, resilience, understanding and exercise patience amongst each other.
    And as we age, there comes a milestone where material aspects do not fancy us but peace of mind, compassion and benevolence supersedes all !
    While this journey of life progresses either of the spouse is forlorn and solitary with the occurrence of the demise of the significant other !
    Support of loving and cherished family members is of utmost importance at this juncture of life to wither this storm.
    Occupying themselves with an activity most preferred…..spending quality time with grandchildren, reading, evening walks, running light errands, attending devotional meetings and keeping a healthy and positive attitude towards life is what the ultimate doctor (Creator) would highly recommend !

    Bon Voyage !!


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