His Embrace!

His embrace

Published in The Asian Weekly , Edition 614 ( 17th to 23rd June,2022)

The magic of his embrace

Worked like a divine grace

It comforted me to the core

Whenever I needed solace

The softness of his embrace

Felt like a feathery nest at best

It cocooned me from the world

Whenever I feared or needed rest

The largeness of his embrace

Enfolded me tight in his might

And charmed up my childhood

For in his arms I felt childlike light

The gentleness of his embrace

Was silken smooth and so couth

It worked like a balm upon my pain

When I got hurt or broke my tooth

The cozy warmth of his embrace

            Became my very own safe space        

Shielding me so at each step of life

That worry and fear found no trace

                                             The wholeness of his embrace                                                                        

Sheltered me from the rough winds

When storms of challenges attacked

His hugs supported as strongest stilts

The charming love of his embrace

Made me special in his many ways

I felt like a princess with him around

Like a magic wand he lifted me in sways

The yearning thought of his embrace

And memory flashbacks of those days

Swells my eyes with tear filled glaze

Daddy resides in my heart’s purest place

The grieving memories of his embrace

As he’s missed each day in my mind’s play

Though years have passed since he left

I miss his being, and for his soul now I pray

2 thoughts on “His Embrace!

  1. Dear Dad largess you had
    With it you all of us fed
    So well we were all bred
    What was that thread?

    It was love and care you had
    Never wanting all was shared
    Around you casually we tread
    Your loving eyes so much shared

    Thank you dear Dar my Doric pillar
    Always my everyday need filler
    Looking out for me you are a healer
    Thank you for being so near and dear

    Thank you Monica the seed of inspiration

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