Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 592 ( January 07th – 13th, 2022

The year has brought in, its own newness

There’s hope to get rid of Covid sickness

A breather from the frigid 2021 past        

2022 shall be the year with happiness blast

A new affirmation must begin each day

To silly temptations I shall not sway

Nature’s gratitude and gifts I must portray

For each hurting soul,  I must earnestly pray

Keep no grudges and ignore the follies  

Forgive myself and others to stay jolly

Awaken each morning with positive attitude

Close up each night with prayerful gratitude

Self-care with progressive thoughts        

Ambitions on the wellness charts

Lifting up the loads of illness and taints

United with all, forming brotherhood traits

Upgrading my skills, leaving no unpaid bills

Unselfish with unconditional charitable drills

Ingesting invisible peace and love pills

Overflowing the cup of joy with abundant spills

Admiring the beauty of sunrise and sunset

Appreciating the blessings of elders behest

This newness of mine settles my mind’s unrest

I walk in pride akin the Crane with its crest


2 thoughts on “NEWNESS!

  1. Thank you Monica
    The New Years inspiration
    Is of body mind meditation
    Forgive with good intention
    Relax body and mind tension

    Look out the sun shines for you
    Look the night sky sparkles for you
    Every part of body moves for you
    So move into the soul with you
    Spread out the love within you

    I love it

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