By Sikiladi

The Durga Puja concluded in all vibrancy

Giving way to yet another festive austerity

Marking the victory of good over evil

Comes the Hindu festival of Vijayadashami

Tales are told to the young and the old

Ram Lila theatricals depict Ravana as bold

Yet his misdeeds imparting a lesson to all

He lost to Bhagwan Rama despite all the gold

The day was the dasham tithi of Ashwin month

When Shri Rama of the epic Ramayana fame

Triumphed over Ravana, the Lankapati

And brought his arrogant ideas to a tame

Now we mark the day in unique significance

Applying the Tilak of reverence on foreheads

Burning the evil in fire as an effigy stance

Setting aflame dishonest negative traits

Dressing up young ones as Bhagwan Ram

Accompanied by some as Sita Maiya along

Taking pride in cultural practices of yore

Lakshman too comes as part of Ramayan song

Shooting the arrow of righteous rebound

Ram look alike sets Lankapati ablaze

The celebration marked in open ground

Dusshera reminds us of a triumphed heritage

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 580, (October 15th to 21st, 2021)

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