The Asian Weekly – A sunbeam (11th Anniversary)

It’s grown and still growing

Withstanding the wind blowing

The loved one amongst its tribe

Giving chances to many a scribe

A media platform for cultural exchange

Understanding the stressful time range

Uniting a bond between communities

Providing info on various festivities

Publishing news and various affairs

Be it sports, business or Binny’s flairs

Weaving threads of tradition in its ink

Updating on Bollywood and tele bling

Honoring leaders political and spiritual

Encouraging communities’ multi-lingual

It has spread its wings beyond a Nation

In prospect becoming an East African

From Hermina to Hussein to Dhruv & Muli

                                                             Winds of change waft from Javed to Sehmi

It made an advent by birthing its baby

As Radio 44 its toddler stands sturdy

Caine’s cricket and football updates

Sporting scoops and gaming mandates

Postures yogic so perfectly pictured

From Seema to Pooja the body sculpted

Enriching reflections from Tolia Kamal

Awakening the soul from a dull slumber

Chetna’s delightful delicacies tickling

The taste buds with cookies, cakes & pickling

Cryptics’ & Sudoku’s teasing dull & the brainy

Gauri’s focused finances for the days rainy

Milly’s market reports as current Biz Beat

Barot’s skillful words as an advisory sheet

Boarding the wagon is Ravneet’s Style Station

Kalsi’s legal advice adds valuable information

Sikiladi sings along in lyrical segmentation

Lifestyle, Telly Talk, News & Opinion formation

This eleven year young reaches doorsteps

With firmly grounded Ashish, Nisha steps

Bringing competitions, rewarding the wins

Folding Navratri, Easter & Eid in its wings

Congratulations go out to the paperzine

It brought hidden communities to be seen

Wishing The Asian Weekly times evergreen

For many a readers, it’s a refreshing sunbeam

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