Mirror of the World

Mirror of the World

By Sikiladi

Published in The Asian Weekly,Edition 557, ( May 07 -13, 2021)

A divine manifestation on Earth

Is that angel who gave you birth

She loves you, hugs you & kisses you

Forsaking  all her comfort & sleep for you

An epitome of sacrifice & selfless love

Her presence is the greatest peace dove

On the tallest tree or highest hill

In the farthest corner over the sill

Where no one dares to follow you

Being alone when loneliness hits you

At the deepest murk or the sharpest shore

Mother’s love follows you to the core

Her relationship paradoxically tragic

Her loving care that works like magic

With intense love she helps you grow

Weaning away whilst protecting from flow

Tearing apart her heart so saddened

Let’s you go to become independent

She is never alone ever in her thoughts

You occupy her mind with concern draughts

She thinks twice- for her and for her child

With your progress & success her mind is tiled

She prays really just for you and yours

Even if to her you may have shut your doors

The mirror of the world is just her face

All world religions combined find a trace

In her heart shines the Ubrightest “One Light”

Her children are her only joy and delight

That love unconditional where else found

A safe sanctuary is a Mother’s lap profound

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