Labour Day

Labour Day                                          

By Sikiladi

A life of luxury and gifted comforts I live

Laborious efforts and services they give

Each day I wake up to my warm cup of tea

Which the smiling maid makes with a glee

I get my bread and milk at my doorstep

For someone works for it at various steps

From processing, packaging & marketing

Someone transports and does the delivering

I get my fresh vegetables from the nearby vendor

Yet, I forget not the toiling of the farm worker

The sweating old man on the upward slope

Pulling the cartload of onions for his scope

I sleep soundly, relaxed and peaceful on my bed

For the watchman keeps awake leaving his bed

The call of duty for them is not merely a game

They protect you and me without asking for fame

Risking their lives they climb up high ladders & poles

Fixing up those electric faults appear to be their goals

The construction workers lifting loads like jumpy toads

Swiftly through muddy puddles and cemented goads

The Labour Day comes as a reminder to me

Those restful indulgences all on my wishing tree

Made possible by those that labour everyday

In gratitude to their services I observe this day

published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 556 ( April 30th – May 06th, 2021)

11 thoughts on “Labour Day

  1. Its beautiful how you went all the way back in history as a focal point of this poem. I enjoyed the reminder through reading the experiences which people would have lived. Your poem is thoughtful, informative and inspiring. Thank you for such a lovely poem.

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    1. Thanks for liking the poem and commenting. Well in my part of the world it is a happening scenario and not something from the past. The pictures were recently clicked by me from my own balcony.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh wow, thank you for the eye opener to the way different cultures and countries are living. The photos show the true hard work which people are doing. Your poem is amazing and I feel even more touched.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You made my day. A poet is successful only if the poetry touches someone’s heart. Thank you.
      It would be good to know which part of the world you are in where all this labour seems like history.


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