Sandwich Time

Sweet Potato Sandwich

Sweet Potato Open Sandwich

A refreshing change from the usual bread sandwiches.

Sweet Potatoes are quite versatile with their ease at being baked, boiled, grilled,mashed and what not. A sandwich is one of it’s adaptive applications. It turned out quite delicious and sumptuous. You may want to make two sandwiches or bigger sandwich for those with big appetites. As for me, I couldn’t finish the whole sandwich as I had a salad on the side.

Recipe :

Roast the sweet potatoes on charcoal or on the electric grill as convenient. I did it in the oven and it took me about 45 minutes for my medium sized sweet potatoes.

Boil the quinoa, fluff it and let it cool a bit.

In a skillet pan cook some spinach leaves along with the boiled quinoa, Add in some finely diced red and yellow peppers, steamed broccoli bits, fresh or dried basil and thyme and some black olives.

Season with salt, paprika and mixed rushed peppercorns.

Split the roasted sweet potatoes into halves and spread the topping mixture evenly over them just before serving.

Drizzle a tahini dressing over it as you serve. For the dressing mix some salt, pepper and lime juice to the tahini paste and add some water to dilute it if you like it runny.

I usually do not specify the quantities of the ingredients as it varies from person to person, so go with your taste buds.

Quinoa and spinach topping

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