The Silent Angel

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 511, (June 19 – 25, 2020)

The silent lover you ever had

He who spoke not much of his love

Yet, behind the stern expression 

His fondness concealed all adulation 

The silent carer you ever had

He might not have cooked for you

Yet, he worked hard so you are fed 

His care hidden in working to bring bread

The silent teacher you ever had

He who was busy each day of his life

Yet, he set examples of living standards

His subtle training offering life passwords 

The silent shopper you ever had

He bought not extravagant loads

Yet, he provided for you without a fail

His subdued economics on life’s rail 

The silent admirer you ever had

He praised you not as you were raised

Yet, your achievements gave him pleasure 

His subtle smile veiled all emotions obscure

The silent benefactor you ever had 

He might not have bought you gifts and treats

Yet, he ensured your education and comforts

His sacrifices wrapped under relaxed words 

The silent Hero you ever had

He spoke not much of failures so grim

Yet, he gave you facts and tacts of life

His blessings disguised by discipline firm 

The silent protector you ever had

He might not have prevented you from falls

Yet, he lifted you away from failure calls

His concern becoming an umbrella in rainfalls

The silent charmer you ever had

He might not have overly pleased you 

Yet, he set examples of fortitude and might

His fatherly guidance set your goals upright

The silent angel you ever had

He might be your papa, pa or dad

Yes, he moulded you as what you are 

His eyes find you the greatest superstar 

4 thoughts on “The Silent Angel

  1. The gift of a father that I had
    An Imam too always at hand
    They were silent and I know their care

    They are the ones who led to myself
    Loving holding as I astray From self
    Every moment there to lovingly share

    Who is that silent voice out there?
    It has beautiful visage ever changing
    Mother ever so kind always giving

    A husband in joy, of love and sharing
    Little toes that are perfectly performing
    Silent angels in their eyes all knowing

    You are one who comes with words
    Changing lives with a mote or two
    Rhyming reaching right to the heart

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