The Language of Love


With the Valentine festivity being celebrated all over the world businesses expecting a boost in the sales, young lovers expecting dinners, dances and gifts, various perks and ideas have become common place.

It really feels great to see stores, offices, restaurants following the theme of Valentine Day with red displays, heart cut outs, balloons, roses and teddy bears. Educational institutions too witness exchange of roses and gifts as an expression of Love.

What is Love? Is it the attraction between opposite genders or is it something else?  Love is something that may be expressed yet it has no language that can word it sufficiently. What then is the language of Love?

Love is a feeling, a sentiment and its language is care. When you love someone you definitely care for that someone whether or not you give gifts and treats to the person. On the other hand if you give gifts, make someone happy that is also your language of love but it cannot define your love in the true sense.

The Language of love is very evident when you care for your child, your sibling, your spouse or your parent  and care about their needs, their nourishment, their safety with no expectation from them in return because what you do for them is out of genuine love and not for your own benefit.

However, this language of love is not restrictive and goes beyond just caring after someone’s needs. The various ways one may witness this is so common that we don’t even think about it many times yet we mistaken the Love to be a physical aspect of our behavior sometimes. Let’s look at the various common and uncommon ways the language of love can be spoken:

true love

Setting a bird free from captivity is the language of love.

Protecting the borders of your country is the language of love.

Caring for your environment, making efforts at pollution control, conserving the resources is the language of love.

Attending to a known or unknown injured person on the road is the language of love.

Donating blood to save a life is the language of love.

Teaching your parents to become tech savvy is the language of love.

Believing in your children and their decisions is the language of love.

Respecting each other’s religious beliefs is the language of love.

Fixing or repairing a gadget or equipment for your grandparents or neighbors is the language of love.

Spending creative time with your relatives, family and friends is the language of love.

Inculcating conscious exercise and dietary habits is the language of love.

Being honest even if you have erred and apologizing is the language of love.

Forgiving and asking forgiveness when required is the language of love.

Caring for an ailing dear one is the language of love.

Understanding someone’s unspoken thoughts is the language of love.

Spreading happiness and healing is the language of love.

Monica Gokaldas



language of love taw
Published in The Asian Weekly – Valentine Edition # 493 , Feb 14 – 20, 2020

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