I Lost A Decade

I lost a decade

It saw me grow

It saw me learn to go with the flow

I left the decade behind and arose

It taught me to poetry and to prose


First Sunrise of 2020 in Kuwait. Birds chirping, soaring high, waters still and mind at peace, glorious one emerges to brighten the days of the decade. picture credit : Harleen Gokaldas

I lost a decade

It saw me mother up once more

From a mum of young kids to be an in law

To enter the business world of offsprings

I saw them mature up, to catch life’s throw


A sheet of white, spread of clouds. It filters light through the pores and the spirit wants some more. Picture credits: Sikiladi’s Collection

I lost a decade

I gained some moments

It saw me read my own cultural foundation

With an enhanced spiritual inclination

I saw myself learning my basics evermore


Imagination plays on paper, a spread of colors so bright, they give my heart a hug so tight. Picture Credits: Whatsapp photos

I lost a decade

It snatched my mom

It made me an orphan despite my kin

I have a huge hollow, a vacuum within

Without my mom, I’m lonely despite everyone


The blossom emerges a bulbed bosom amidst the land and the sky. May the days ahead be pink so soothing, may in success you fly high. Picture Credits : Google Images

I lost a decade

It gave me tough lessons

I emerged from sickness, walked to wellness

It made me realize that my family is my strong glue

My husband, children, friends held me, pulled me through


Nature’s perfect balance of flora and fauna. The sun has set on the lost decade giving way to another day. Picture Credits : Google Images

I lost a decade

I gave up the not needed

I gave up eating meat, became a vegetarian

I gave up fake fashions, learnt to live with myself

It gave me the wisdom to find my soul’s needs


4 thoughts on “I Lost A Decade

  1. How well you scribe life’s ladder
    Mother to self first rung of ladder
    Up from form to essence second ladder
    Prose and poetry self expression ladder
    Inner search is the third rung of ladder
    Up we climb to find our soul
    There is no ladder

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