He must stand strong!


Elderly hands

He Moves ahead in his own stride

Having lived a life of humble pride

Compromising never, caring ever

He recollects some moments of his life

Memories of parents who moved home

from the simple village back home

to a very alien African Land

Settled, faced struggle and made it home.

The tiny little shop that saw them grow

The family was happy with a cheerful glow

When disaster stuck with a deadly blow

His father left for heavenly abode

Caused by what, he may never know

He was a young lad only eight years old

A meek timid boy who wasn’t so bold

Fortunate for him elder siblings took care

So the young ones in the family had no scare

Finances ran low and life paced slack slow

Education was a challenge, business had to grow

Burning the mid night oil, he read and wrote

Schooling had to be done, without raising a brow

He performed well and his days began to glow

Inching further to the tirades of challenges

Progressing to go abroad

to attain qualification for professional balances

Educational needs had to be fulfilled

Family back home must be supported

Mother’s hopes were bright and expectant

Brothers’ drive for success gave him the push

And he learnt to cross over the wisdom bush

He worked hard and he also published

Taking long strides, thoughts never ambushed

holding hands

Working well, moving upwards in life

Tagging along his simple and supportive wife

Reputation came without any hitch

Many a broken hearts he did stitch

Unconditional Love for humanity being his trait

For many needful heaven was found at his gate

Name, Fame, Achievements many that came

Leaving him humbled with a mindful tame

Living life to the fullest, no moments of shame

A daring caring attitude is his big game

Now that age has captured emotions plain

He sits to evaluate his life’s utmost grain

In wonder he thinks about a life lived

Pleasures and pains, losses and gains

What is He without his breath

Meaningless appear all in front of death

Yet, he lives on shaming the word death

For he must provide support until death

To those who rely on his strength

He must stand strong till the last breath

He must stand strong till the last breath!






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