My Santa turned into a Man


My Santa was without a beard!

When Santa came home
It was a She and not a He
Yes, my Santa was a female

Like each year Christmas had come!

She came not from the chimney
She came not from the main door
Neither did Santa come from the window

Santa Claus had his secret pathway!

My Santa came sneakily in my room
Looked at me if I had slept
And quietly returned to the tree

The tree that stood up each year!

She had arms full of packed gifts
Some cuddly toys and jingle bells
And that tricycle for my kid sister

All wrapped in glittering silver paper!

She walked back into my room
And placed a letter near my bed
It was signed by Santa herself

Did Santa know now I had learnt to read?

Perhaps she saw my sideways glance
And realized I had slept not yet
She hid her face and escaped

But, I had seen  familiar face and gait!

Each year she came with gifts plenty
Toys and books, games and chocolates
To please me and her little baby

She simply wanted us both to be happy!


Then one year She did not come
Christmas had come without the tree
There were no tales of elves on shelves

Perhaps the story had a sad ending!

She had perhaps visited elsewhere
Some other kids in a landless land
God wanted her to be with them

Was she happy to belong to another land?

Two years later my Santa turned into a man
The tree was back with embellishments
The gifts came but with a difference

My Santa wanted us to learn some sport!

I got a soccer ball and boxing gloves
My sister got a skirt and tennis racquet
I realized that Santa the big man had a plan

He wanted us to grow out of puppy days!


He saw us grow and felt for us
Once Mother was dead, Dad picked the threads
Hence my female Santa had turned to a Man.


Photo Credits: Google Images

8 thoughts on “My Santa turned into a Man

  1. How lucky we are cherished by Mum and Dad
    So life’s up and downs will not make us sad
    Sometimes life is blue, green and often red
    Mum and Dad teach us exactly how to tred
    As we grow and our needs too, advise shared
    Sadly one moves on but the other steps instead.
    Thank you Monica for a shared emotion

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