Goddess from ethers!

She landed high up above
Inching closer towards God
For they say HE has his abode
Far away, so high, up above

The Mountain was a challenge
She climbed up with all care
The trekker that she has been
Loved to challenge the Challenge


She slipped twice yet held on
Nearly skidding on the snow
The purity of heavenly white trail
touched her soul as she climbed on


Looking below at times she yelled
The fear had gripped of the unknown
The conqueror genes in her system
Breathed fear out as she yelled


Aruna in her element found her place
The mountain top that gave her solace
she found freedom with arms stretched
Beyond the horizon was her space to place


She shivered, she shuddered for a bit
She hugged herself with folded arms
posing for the photographs as a proof
She smiled, she laughed and rested a bit


The magical wave of golden yellow emerged
pulling away the reddish orange sun line
The world but seemed a tiny place
Like a Goddess from the ethers she emerged.



Pictures credits :Aruna Varsani

4 thoughts on “Goddess from ethers!

  1. The stalegtites and snow filled
    World were her precious abode
    Where the air is so rare she dared
    To breath the air that gives life
    N matter what was her strife

    She trusted her heart and knew
    That her determination was true
    She made it to the top the peak
    Where words she cold not speak
    For Monica alone knew the trick

    Bravo for capturing the journey

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