Grief attacks catch me unawares
Whence life takes to various affairs
Pleasantly I try to move along the flow
Yet, grief comes to slow me down in despairs

The Jacaranda blooms from the window
The purples attract the bees and the sparrow
They weave their dreams of nectar and nests
Yet, my heart feels the vacuum,feels hollow

Sadness runs me down to the core
As I miss you each day evermore
You left this world to gain eternal peace
Yet, my heart keeps peeling piece by piece

I never knew I would miss you so much
Life now moves forward with a memory scrunch
Tears roll down at the verge of happy times
Without you mum ,your daughter lives life such

Fragments of our times spent together
Keep tumbling down as life I try to gather
In the littlest of things you ever did and said
The bird called memory has added each feather



Picture Credits: Google images

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