Swamini Vimalananda

Nairobi Yajna

The chilly cold and windy days
Felt the great warmth of her stay
As she arrived on the continent
Reaching out to East Africa
And visiting parts of Kenya
After covering the neighbors
Who heard her talk in Uganda.



Not so new is she in the game
She’s the master giving our minds a tame
Swami, Swamini or be she Amma
Vimalananda guides you to your karma
Teaching the tenets of faith and belief
Driving away ignorance and disbelief
In her very own unique style of speech
Dharma sevak courses she doth teach

Cosmic Love is her topic current
Her logic of love is not distant
ShivaShakti being the power supreme
Not to be mistaken by the human gene
The omniscient, all pervading formless form
Within each one yet not found by some
Emerges the talk on the first day of yagna
Revealing an entity beyond gender and creed


Interacting with the young and not so young
Answering quests that in minds had sprung
She decided to meet many a folk next day
Preparing them for a better future from today
Giving insights into the hidden truths
Separating the true wisdom from mysticism
Ram being the truth and Sita be the peace
Inseparable form of cosmic love in a piece
An incarnation of The One that’s in all form
Shapeless yet shaped, unseen yet known is the charm

The seer would be the knower of the known
The mind being the knower and the seer
A complex science of being in existence
Simplified by her spiritual way for our gain
She’s here to give our thoughts a train
For without this wisdom time drowns in a drain
We wish for this saintly presence encharmed
To be amongst us each year, again and again
As she leads us to insightful thoughts so pure
Which pull us out from the falsities allure



She speaks then the third morning to parents
That must stop playing games of lament
To take responsibility in the nurture with care
And not go timid, raise young ones with a dare
Bringing forth principles of life and Dharma
Never once forgetting or forsaking their karma
The respect devises that men and women deserve
In love bondage a married couple doth preserve
Rising in love at various levels of humanness
The physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual
The greater the bond, the stronger a marriage
With giving more than you get in love and respect

The Art of forgiveness that she taught
For those that are hurting and distraught
It touched many a charts on their hearts
The pain and anguish that tore them to parts
Had now found a way out to be liberated
By seeking forgiveness and generosity
For the giver is better placed then the taker
Be it alms, love, relationship or forgiving
To let go the bondage of hurt with someone
One cherishes within the joys of freedom
Experiencing the peace that one seeks all life
By forgetting the hurt life begins to thrive.

Shiva Shakti manifests as Sita Rama
And so is the Avatara of Radha Krishna
Rama being a virtue modest of Moksha
Lakshmana representing the Kama trait
Bharat is known to be Dharma in form
And Arthaa follows him as Shatrughana
The four aspects of life depicts Ramayana
And then Swamini talks about the bansuriwala


Kanha, Krishna the Natkhat Kanhaiya
Pursued by Radha Rani and all Gopika
A revelation of the true identity of Gopis
Being the sages and saints who were rishis
The eternal Love of Radha Krishna dwells ….
Withholding the beloved within the heart
Akin to the cosmic Love that doth abound
Within Ram is Sita and so on, and so on
Sita the virtuous symbol of maryada herself
Known as the wife of Maryada Purshotam

The Love tales of God in various forms known
Be He a male or appears as gender female
The mighty power feminine of Sita, Parvati or Radha
Unified and merged to her male order …
The glorious Ram, Shiva or cowherd Krishna
The combined powerful Cosmic Love above all
Is now taught to us by Amma’s beck and call




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