Daddy Darling


My friend, my guide, my unsung Hero

Without you I would be a nothing, a zero

Your silent love that appeared pushing and rough

Trained me to be gentle yet mighty and tough

Daddy Darling, I Thank you!


Standing by me with moral support always

You helped me progress in various ways

From schooling to college journey in learning

Withholding me in your guidance and grooming

Daddy Darling, I Thank you!


Uplifting me from my shell of shy, quiet intimidation

You trained me in social behavior and acceptation

I may get many hugs that make me feel loved

None compared to your warm big hug revered

Daddy Darling, I Thank you!


As I failed at some steps that came so challenging

You uplifted me gently without any pre warning

Systematic and stern the rules laid by you

Taught me to be in discipline in years as I grew

Daddy Darling, I Thank you!


Preparing me for the reality and harsh life trends

You enforced in me fortitude without week blends

With you around I felt a sense of high esteem

My self-emergence appeared strong and preen

Daddy Darling, I Thank you!


Your picture in my heart shall stay pure forever

Like a soothing balm it heals pains whatsoever

My mentor, my coach, my hidden Inspiration

Your pristine memories shall see no termination

Daddy Darling, I Thank you!





In The Media: 

Published in The Asian Weekly : Edition 408,  Jun 15 – 21, 2018 

Father’s Day Edition.

TAW Daddy Darling

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