Mother’s Death

It was the last day of April
The month was ending
So was her pain
The agony that began …..
….as the month began…
was finally coming to halt

She didn’t open her eyes once
She didn’t acknowledge any visitors
She lay elsewhere in spirit,

Though physically there she was
lying on the ICU bed
Arms bandaged, hands tied up
Legs withheld by DVT monitor
Face under pressure by the mask
That often cut into her tender skin

She had long forgotten to complain
As she gasped for her reach on oxygen
The pressure went to an all time low
At the mercy of all equipment and staff
Of the hospital that carried a big name tag
Apollo Delhi had let us down
And enriched itself on the bank account

They came in twos, threes and fours
Well wishers surrounded by the scores
Some waited patiently at the corridor
While some sneaked their way to get a glimpse
Of Mother who couldn’t care less
For she was in the Almighty address

Maybe behind her eyes shut
She was listening to Him
As he led the path with His bright light
And kept her busy as the time had come

The night was still as never before
We slept but really all in pretense
For sleep had shied away far from us
That call from the hospital made us rush

And in the wee hours, leaving behind the toothbrush
We gathered all in waiting
Waiting for her to breath her last
How cruel was the time
that taught us to let go
To let go of the one who gave us birth

The 1st day of the month of May
Had brought her death
And made her victorious
For she chose to be at final peace

With the Almighty holding her in his arms
The mother that was to us
now turned to be His daughter no less
For He chose the best ones to join him
Leaving behind the grieving kith and kin

Her journey of life ended here in 2017
And commenced again in another world
And now she watches over
From above
And comes to meet us under cover
We know it not sometimes
She watches over for sure
In various forms and ways
She visits us in memories many
And those dreams uncanny

Mummy we wish you joy and peace
And express our gratitude
For being born of you and being with you
We now live you
Within each one of us
In extensions through our children
A part of you suddenly comes alive
When one of us replicates you.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Death

  1. When parting comes close
    Can we understand life?
    Am I born and do I die?
    Do I travel from one form
    To another just to learn
    Is ICU an option or is it?
    Can Nature take it course
    Does it need our courage
    Will we ever learn this?
    Just to be there and watch
    Nature take it course?

    While we prepare Monica
    Your pain is deep and vocal
    It wrenches words from the
    Deep within your heart yes
    I feel that deep grief of loss

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  2. Thank you Shariffa Ji for the comment. Your empathy in losing a dear one is evident in your comment. We are moving on in life, falsely denying the existence of grief in our life whereas it shapes our thoughts to a great extent.


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