Traditional Inheritance

Meera had tried her best to maintain the family traditions as taught to her by Parvati over the years and after nearly 40 years she was nothing short of a pro of family customs and traditions and in a little less than 10 years of her own son’s wedded life had started passing on  some of these traditions on to her own daughter in law Komal.

मॉं से मायका (Maternal Home)

मॉं है तो मायका भी है मॉं है तो मन महका भी है वह प्यार दुलार व दुआ की बहार वो घर बुलाने के बहाने हज़ार वो हर फ़रमाइश का पूरा करना वो घंटों बैठ कर बातें करना मॉं है तो मायका भी है मॉं है तो मन महका भी है वो मायके जाकर सब … Continue reading मॉं से मायका (Maternal Home)


It is interesting to see how they even scold the mothers’ ref their health care or to correct their diet and tend to their needs and hobbies. It is worthy of note how the Mother actually starts behaving like a daughter and takes guidance from her daughter.