Gone are the gloomy dull boring pathways

Paving way for small bright color displays

A carpet on roads with purple uneven patches

Glimpses so many attractive within eye catches


Spring is announced with a lovely bold declare

Jacaranda is rich and blooming without a care

The trees heavily flower laden within the glare

Brighten alleys and parks purple without a spare


A heavenly sight proudly shown by the Almighty

In the little trumpet shaped flowers so very dainty

The fairyland feel comes from its clusters plenty

Growing in abundance this tough tropical beauty


The drought tolerant large rooted shady trees

In early summer and spring growing in sprees

Forming indigo arches and gleeful canopies

With fragrance attract bountiful birds and bees


Nairobi is painted in this purple hue all around

The clustered purple blues amid green surround

The rich foliage inviting is spread on all ground

The rain of these slender trumpets without sound


The velvety coat attractive under the clear sky

This generous sweetness attracts bees to fly

The slimy touch and look once flowers go dry

The sentiments praiseworthy from words comply


Poem of the month – November 2017 

Published in The Asian Weekly : Edition 376 (November 03rd to 09th)


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