Discarding her dreams half way,
She gets up to boil that cup of tea.
One eye observing children’s’ uniform,
Another monitoring the boiling milk.

A hand on the pan frying the breakfast eggs,
Another brushing away their unkempt hair.
Toasting the bread and spreading the jam,
Packing the lunchbox with sandwiched ham.

Adding some grapes and a cucumber salad,
Balanced meals she prepares for she cares.
Attending to ageing grandma on the sick bed,
She helps your old grandpa to get up from bed.

Her frets and fumes form daily routine,
Perfection is played as biscuits with cream.
Unending tasks with diligence all fulfilled,
Never seen her kids with crumpled clothing.

Cooking some porridge, visiting the physician ,
Picking up grocery, working like a magician.
Watering those dainty flower pots on window sill,
Sweeping away the dust giving home a clean bill.

Laundering the shirts, pants and dress skirts,
With a thousand odd chores she takes a flirt.
Enjoying her taste of music, twisting to tunes,
Attending the church, mosque or temple she blooms.

Paying courtesy visits to those that need a care,
Forgetting her own needs, she churns with a flair.
Pleasing a husband & kids & parents his and hers,
Smiling away she nurses the wounds inflicted on hers’.

Timid as a dove, and raging as a storm,
This one woman carries wondrous charms.
Her gentle soft hands work as a healing balm,
Amazingly in thunderous moments she acts calm.

This awesome human is a super woman,
A daughter, a sister grew up to be this woman.
Gaining motherhood needed no introduction,
A caring attribute God gifted to each woman.

A responsibility big on slender shoulders,
Nurturing a new healthy, able generation.
Educating moral values being her certification,
Becoming a mother, cook, nurse and academician.



One thought on “SUPER WOMAN

  1. Much Monica mutters about mothers,mentors, mums
    All altercation enough of energy
    Abundance assertion always
    Yet always end up amazed
    At the creature called woman
    ”Tis pure love is mother divine
    Gaia,Godess no less what else
    Beyond words,songs and praise
    Gives all fully to the heart
    And pulls the string of heart
    To a point beyond breaking

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