Short Term Targets

A lot going on within that scrumpy, entangled mass of grey within the top most part of the body. The Year has begun, Yes we are progressing towards getting over with the first half of the first month – January. How much of those self proclaimed resolutions have we worked upon?

I happened to fix my sight on and my creative juices atarted to flow out right here from the grey matter into the fingers on the keyboard, reaching out to your eyes.

It has become a fashion to proclaim various resolutions on the New Year’s each year end or beginning only to be forgotten. What we need to do is set ourselves little targets that are visibly feasible to our overworked minds in this constant bustle of activity caused by the actual work and the social media. So if you haven’t yet made any resolution or haven’t commenced to work on the one you already made – please do congratulate yourself. Do I sound nuts? Well I am that nut with the extra hard shell if you please.

If your diet plan is what you need to work upon then you know that planning for three months down the line appears very tedious hence may I suggest an alternative plan. Plan a week to week diet plan and take that special sunday as your rewarding day and relish what you craved for the most. Not only does that make your sunday more of a funday ( or a sin day if you overindulge) it provides that much wanted rest period. The week passes off smoothly and the following week could turn out healthier than the previous one.

If you intend keeping up with self discipline ( whether it is to do with yoga, exercise, smoking or drinking) target three days to begin with. This may sound easy to achieve and then continue further. Repeat the same for the few more following weeks. Your mind, body and spirit will then probably guide you to acknowledging the first three days of the week as more refreshing. This might give you the push from your own self to continue with the discipline. Why wait for this at the New Year’s time. These goals can be achieved any time during the year. Some might want to opt for alternate days in the week instead of first three days and that is perfectly fine too.

Those aiming to gain a lift on the spiritual path might want to start practicing simple meditative practice once a week for five 5 – 10 minutes. As a matter of principle it helps not to set hard and fast rules about the particular hour of the day as you might require more flexibility. Gradually you may increase the time span or number of days during a week and remember you are not competing with anybody and simply doing it for your own happiness and comfort.

This hard nut shall now leave you to ponder about many other resolutions you would want to make now. Do not bog yourself down with a lot and move that first step to whatever you choose to do. The options are unlimited : take your pick : Cycling / Painting / learning a craft / learning a language / traveling / Swimming / Tennis / IT skills / Photography /Trekking / Knitting / Carving / Teaching / Visiting relatives and friends etc etc …

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