Gone is the dull and the quiet gloom

The Jacaranda tree is back in bloom

Oh! so dainty, stands so very graceful

The once naked tree now very face-full

Perky  pretty, petite, purples so pious

It appears the soils have practiced bias

Amid the light and dark shades of green

The Jacaranda  spreads a purple sheen

Enchanted charms it plays on bees

They act excited with bumbling glees

Their busy business of  buzzing around

In love with purples fallen on ground

The floral carpet it spreads so wide

Shedding its wings in much delight

The garden once again turns so bright

The birds too adore and take respite

The stupendous glory of chirpy chirps

Enlivens The days with peppy perks

The blue and red necked tiny birds

The sparrows with their tiny herds

The Pigeons with their smooth flights

An occasional Crow too at  times alights

On the luxury of the purple turf

They all relish and come to surf

The pollen spreading far and wide

It lives its glory, nothing to hide

Standing tall in all its grace

Reaching out finding its space

Branching wide to spread the shade

Jacaranda is the pride of a glade


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