Soaring The Skies

Pongal, Sankranti & Uttarayana   In gratitude for agricultural abundance Comes this festive Tamilian observance Gift giving, feasting and home visiting A rice and milk dish with Jaggery sweetening The four day festival of Gregorian calendar Comes the Harvest significance of Thai Pongal Kite flying, bon fires and Surya Puja in the river The arts … Continue reading Soaring The Skies



Unity in diversity seems to be the theme for January.A festival celebrated at the same time under different names in different regions in India. It is even celebrated with a varied spirit everywhere.

मॉं से मायका (Maternal Home)

  मॉं है तो मायका भी है मॉं है तो मन महका भी है वह प्यार दुलार व दुआ की बहार वो घर बुलाने के बहाने हज़ार वो हर फ़रमाइश का पूरा करना वो घंटों बैठ कर बातें करना मॉं है तो मायका भी है मॉं है तो मन महका भी है वो मायके जाकर … Continue reading मॉं से मायका (Maternal Home)


Lohri a north Indian festival is celebrated around harvest time in mid January. Traditional attire, traditional food, song and dance encircling bonfires is a common sight at most squares in Punjab and many other parts of Northern India. This is also an occasion to give adulations and honour a newly wed bride into the family as well a welcome to new borns in the family.


  The feast of fasting comes here A festival that calls for share and care For all those faithful so Islamic The day observed with zest terrific Bringing to end the month Ramadan When fasting formed a vital form Begin the day with a sweet something Signifying new sweet beginnings And praying Fajir in the … Continue reading EID AL FITR