The Sacred Self!

Namaste! Hari Aum 🙏🏼🙏🏼Sharing this excerpt from the famous author and healer Dr. Wayne Dyer which seems similar to the Vedantic knowledge. The parable is of the fetus state but that’s how we humans also behave as grown ups: A Parable from Your Sacred Self In a mother’s womb were two babies. One asked the … Continue reading The Sacred Self!

Beloved Dada!

The fortunate got blessedBy mere presence divineThe sheer magic of his wordsMightier than all the swordsWon over each one with a touchOn their souls he left a markSuch a ONE was HE in human form No caste or creed did he demand No race or color trace did he command He but lived for entire … Continue reading Beloved Dada!

We Shall miss from now on!

That beauteous face in pleasure and pain

Has left many orphaned and departed

The Almighty gave him all but a hundred years

of service in this world that needed awareness

of righting the wrongs that Humanity committed 

And now HE rests in the lap of Heavenly Father

HE who didn't forsake us all

HE who was known as Dada J.P. Vaswani

A tribute that cannot be justified in words

For HE was the ONE unique being of God

Who never claimed Himself to be God.