A Mother is defined!

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 662 ( May 12th to 18th, 2023)

A Mother is defined!

By Sikiladi

She is Love and she is care

Her mere presence brings joy & cheer

She is God-like whether thine or mine

A mother is defined in various ways

She gives birth, bearing all labor stunts Sikiladi

Holding the discomfort for several months

She cares more for the womb than her self

A mother is defined as tolerance

She lactates, weans & nurtures her young

Dedicating her comfort and sleep for her young

She sleeps on the wet, keeping them dry

A mother is defined as a happiness spy

Sikiladi She forgets her tastes and wants

Lives a life for their gifts and grants

Her being revolves around her kids

A mother is defined as a blessed gift

She encircles her activities on their needs

Going beyond herself satisfying their greed

Her prayers seek blessings for her breed

A mother is defined as a divine being

She fulfills their desires and fascinations

Stretching out herself for their aspirations

Considering them as her own extensions

A mother is defined as a culmination

She showers them with joy, bearing all the pain Sikiladi

Her heart cries at their each scratch or sprain

She takes pleasure at their success & gain

A mother is defined as the umbrella in rain

She tolerates their tantrums and silly jokes

SikiladiHer arms comfort them as divine cloaks

Understanding their sentiments and pranks

A mother is defined as gratitude and thanks

She is the pillar of strength in times tough

Whether it’s a school race or a cold & cough

She’s the beacon of hope in times off bounce

A mother is defined as a Power house

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