Your New Self!

Illness and disease!

All but results of occurrences when thy do squeeze…

Squeeze those eyes and do not allow them to flow…

The tears that had to let the sorrows flow

The moments of silence when you had to speak

Swallowing those bitter pills of someone’s harsh speech

Shutting off the mouth…..

When you ought to speak

Suppressing the heart and enfolding all emotions

You may have been quiet….


Your body speaks…

through acquired illness and disease

It speaks through those tight held fists

and those light taps on the table top

It speaks through the finger tips


It speaks through those tossing and turnings

The fidgeting of your toes in bed

When you are unable to sleep

It speaks through those moments

When the words get choked deep in the throat

Wishing to come out loud


Fail to be uttered out as sound

It speaks as those headaches and migraines

It speaks as the breathless times

When the lungs filled with air, still seem in despair

It speaks as indigestion in the tummy

Causing heartburn and bloating

And, oft times gastric juices causing burning

Appearing as stress lines on the forehead


Sleeplessness and lethargy

Whence you feel low on energy

Awake yet sleepy, you behave creepy

You might have silenced your words

and given hundreds of excuses and explanations to the self


There is turmoil of thoughts within

resulting in a hoard of activities in the mind

That let no peace and rest enter within

Until these thoughts are harnessed and controlled

They cause indigestive refluxes of material ponderings

Bringing the body to a pause at times

Pushing you to immobility sometimes

and pushing you to the bed oft times


Speak when you must

Utter out your thoughts

Suppress not your sentiments

And, if that is just so difficult


Write it out in some form

A letter to a loved one

or, be it to your own self

words expressed are simply feelings getting vent

Words suppressed are harmful to the selfL

let it not boil inside

Pour them out on the writing pad or the keypad

Maintain a dairy of your thoughts


Write out a story of the self

Write an anthology of suppressed self

Compose a poetry, craft a play

Write a book or just an essay

The feelings shall become the balm

making the body recieve the calm

Helping to recuperate

As it can be heart lightening


Should we say, heart warming

Expressions oozing out in any form

Can become Therapeutic to the self

Sing it out as a song

A happy song or sad song

Equally help in bringing calm


If the wordy type thou are not

Then give expression to your thought

by shaking a leg and moving the self

Taking some steps to the music

Dance it all out to release the stress


Though shall feel very blessed

Step out, get dressed and perked up

Visit a friend and cheer up

Walk to the park and stretch out…..

Those stressed joints and faded joys

Talk to the flowers

Speak to the bees even if it makes you appear insane

They listen to you, all of them

They help you to rejuvenate

From the agony and all the pain

Refreshing you as new thoughts with each breathe

And feel fresh

As you hold that paint brush

With each stroke of color you swish out….

All the sorrows and unforgiveness

Paving way to your new self

Moving away from illness and disease

At your comfort, at your ease

You treat yourself to inner peace

Strum the strings of that forgotten instrument

Strain the vocal chords to sing

Believing in yourself is the name….

For you to be a winner of the life game

Pick up your strings, and play along

Introduce yourself to your New Self.


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