Inheritance from Mohen Jo Daro

Monica Gokaldas expresses her views about how the influence of the ancients from Mohen jo Daro emerges in the present day life.

As a young child when I learnt about Mohen jo Daro in the history class it fascinated me that I got to learn something about Sindh: The land of our ancestors. My feeble mind thought what I had learnt that day would be exciting news for my mother and went home anxious to narrate the new information I had gathered. To my utter surprise mummy corrected me immediately saying it was called “Muan jo Daro” which in Sindhi language meant ” The mound of the dead”.

The fascination with Sindh has carried on from those early days of innocence to the ripe years of life and I guess that’s the case with most Sindhis post the partition. We convey our fondness for the land of our ancestors; the land of our roots and almost all of us carry a mini Sindh in our hearts. The partition of the country in 1947 snatched the beloved homeland from us and we have thus created our own Sindh in various parts of the world. I would truly love to call the Sindhi Community as World Citizens or Citizens of the World.

Sharing below is a very short narration of what I feel ( in a limited word count) as published in the very first Newsletter of S.C.A.T.

Published in “Toronto Sindhi Khabarchar” Issue 1 : Summer 2022

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