Grown by a dozen!

Grown by a dozen

By Sikiladi

                                                         A dozen years ago, a dream turned real

It took the form of print, and the paper so surreal!

The Asian scenario fantastic

All captured in the pages artistic!

From guidance to news coverage

Stating facts and fun at its young age!

The readers had to be attracted

All age groups had to be targeted!

It reached public places in bundles

From where good folks collected!

Be it the Gurudwara and the Mandir

The latest copies were delivered!

Recyclable and reusable its paper quality

Giving it a brand name environment friendly!

And then the interest grew in swings

And the baby learnt to spread wings!

Making its way to Mombasa & Nakuru

Gaining strength in Kisumu, Kericho, Ruiru

The scope was expanding & extending

Uganda and Tanzania came in the holding!

It had its own subscribers in Kajal’s long list

George, Milton ensured delivery to the best!

Shareable, available to each part of the world

Click online to see, it’s now beyond the continent!

The baby takes the crown in dozens of ways

From being a free service to a community link!

Event coverage at functions and festivities

Business launches, politics, schools & Golf Tees!

Javed’s experience, Hermina’s hard work as jewels

Kajal’s Nutrition, Aashish’s dreams adorned its fabric!

The glory of years bygone enriches its present

TAAWA, IIFA, Cannes, ICC marked a steady trend!

A trail handled well, In Nisha’s firm grip on reigns

Milly, Caine, Mercy, Mutuku & Sehmi’s scribe brains!

The growth of this baby smooth & steady impressively

Crawling, toddling it stood up a healthy Asian Weekly!

Opinions, soul reflections, poems, recipes & yoga

Traditions, culture, sports, business for Asian diaspora!

The Paperzine wins accolades in popularity

It’s grown by a dozen in continuity & ingenuity!

A king in content and very generous in intent

On its twelfth Birthday I pray it stays permanent!

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 625 ( 26th August to 1st September, 2022)

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